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COVID 19 Measures


We at Graves + Associates have introduced a multi-level protocol that we hope adequately integrates best practices for the G + A workplace, protects our employees and those we interact with. This includes instituting a protocol of increased sanitary cleaning measures around the office, strict policies regarding signs of illness, and mandating new flex and remote work schedules for our employees in order to limit the staff concentration at any one time. Our interface with our consultant team members and Clients has historically included remote meeting platforms and collaboration software and we will be expanding the use of this technology during this time. Please look for your respective project captains here to discuss changing any upcoming in-person meetings to an online format. By limiting the staff that are in our offices to healthy individuals, limiting in person meetings with our clients, and expanding our remote communication systems we believe we can effectively maintain

business operations to the level that you are expecting.

Notwithstanding any further significant information about the risks or consequence of exposure to the COVID 19 virus, we are taking this opportunity to convey our intent to keep your projects moving forward. There presumably will be some delays with processing applications through Agencies that are struggling with their large staff pools, however you can rely on us to continue our work with all deliberate speed.

We will keep all of you posted with further status of our operations and/or specifics about your project status but for now please be assured that we are continuing to take care of your accounts responsibly.


Jon Graves Owner/ Member/ Architect/ Graves + Associates, PLLC

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