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Employee Spotlight: David Cox

Everyone, meet David. Starting as an intern in the summer of 2018, he's now an Assistant Project Manager at Graves + Associates.

Read the interview below to learn more about David, what he did previous to joining G+A and how his after-hour hobbies bring added value to our projects.

What is your favorite thing about working at Graves + Associates?

My favorite thing about working at Graves + Associates is working with people that have over 100 years of experience combined, and being able to design a variety of structures to better our collective built environment.

How has your career grown since starting at the company?

I went from an intern to having the opportunity to work on two very cool apartment complexes that are very close to where I live. I have more confidence every day that the lines I am drawing represent good design and that it meets code.

What does a typical day at Grave + Associates look like in your role?

After I work out in the morning, I arrive to the office with an agenda that was typically worked out the day prior and that changes from day to day. Most days I get my marching orders from my Project Manager, Karsen, follow out those orders, and constantly ask questions.

What is one thing you cannot resist?

Dr. Pepper

Tell us something that might surprise us.

I was a former Green Beret in the United States Army for 12 years.

What fundamental moments in your life brought you to the place you are now in your career?

At some point I wanted to design buildings to be built versus taking them down, like I did in my previous profession.

What do you do in your free time?

On my free time I’m usually in my wood shop doing fine woodworking, at the gym working out, or spending my most precious time with my wife and friends I call family.

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

I would either be a honey badger or a wolf because they are fierce, tenacious, and act with a purpose. Plus, they’re awesome.

What are your indoor and outdoor hobbies?

My hobbies include (but not limited to): working out, wood working, drawing, painting, golf, playing guitar, and drinking a good glass of Scotch.

*Image shows a live edge counter top that David built.

What are you currently watching on Netflix?

“Lost in Space” & “You”

What’s the coolest (or most important) trend you see today?

I believe the “Green” movement is probably the coolest trend I’m seeing. Where people are slowly realizing our limited number of resources and hopefully consuming less than we need to be happy and survive.

What’s your secret talent no one knows about?

Well if I told you that then it wouldn’t be a secret would it?

What has been one of your proudest professional moments?

(1) Earning My Green Beret 2006

(2) Operation Iraqi Freedom 2007

(3) Passing Ranger School 2008

(4) Operation Iraqi Freedom 2010

(5) Army Combat Dive School 2011

(6) UW Graduation 2019

(7) UW 100 Award 2019

(8) Full-Time Job & Graves + Associates

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