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Employee Spotlight: Joshua McCann

We are excited to introduce Joshua McCann! He is a project manager here at Graves + Associates, and we wanted to recognize him for the outstanding work he has done. Continue reading the interview to learn a little bit more about Joshua and his hobbies!

What is your favorite thing about working at Graves + Associates?

The variety of projects that we see.

How has your career grown since starting at the company?

My technical drawing experience as well as code knowledge has increased substantially. The biggest thing that I have gained since I started working here would be the ability to manage projects of different sizes and types from conception to completion.

What does a typical day at Graves + Associates look like in your role?

My typical day involves correspondence with clients/contractors, code research, topped off with a bit of design/drawing production.

What is one thing you cannot resist?

Coffee, I just can’t be without it!

Tell us something that might surprise us?

I know how to Fence!

(Sword play, not building fences…..)

What fundamental moments in your life brought you to the place you are now in your career?

I think waiting to go to college a few years after high school gave me some time to really consider what I wanted to do for a career. In my opinion, this is something that isn’t suggested very often, but I believe can teach an individual what they want and don’t want to do.

What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy:

  • Skiing

  • Video games

  • Legos

  • Magic The Gathering

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

A cat. You get to sleep for most of the day and its just widely accepted that you randomly go crazy, and people are okay with that. Sounds like fun to me!

What are your indoor and outdoor hobbies?

My favorite outdoor hobby would be skiing. Indoor hobbies would have to be sitting down to a good video game or movie.

What are you currently watching on Netflix?

Wednesday, The Adams Family spinoff.

What’s the coolest (or most important) trend you see today?

I really enjoy the advancements in the 3D printing of structures.

What’s your secret talent no one knows about?

I don’t know if it’s necessarily a talent, but I can fish using a fly rod.

What has been one of your proudest professional moments?

I would have to say the moment that I became able to manage a project from design to construction. There is nothing more satisfying seeing an idea brought to physical form.

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