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Built from Tacoma

Graves + Associates was founded in 1995 as Graves & Benjamin Architects.


We became Jon Graves Architects in 2000, and then Jon Graves Architects & Planners PLLC (JGA) in 2003. Though our name has changed as we have grown, our commitment to helping you get the most value from your project has always been our top priority.


Favoring Feasible over Fashionable

We focus our creativity on producing viable projects that provide lasting value.

As a team of more than 25+ designers and planners, we take a collective approach to problem-solving — all for your benefit. When approaching your project, we’ll begin with a concept, refine it into a strategy, and then back it up with action and a clear path to completion. Our creative leaps are supported by thorough research and sound reasoning, and we obsess over details that make all the difference. We think boldly yet remain principled and practical.

Quality Design with Deep Roots

Two high-profile projects helped us get our start: Annie Wright Schools and a decade long, multi-state contract with Milgard Manufacturing that began in 1995. These opporutunities helped create the foundation on which we developed our unique design and project viability process, which we have been refining and improving ever since. We are best known for our diverse project-type experience, our expertise with high-paced projects involving significant cost and schedule constraints, and our dedication to always putting the best interests of your business first.


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