It’s your building. 

We’re here to help you make it happen.

Our architects, designers, and planners specialize in interpreting your vision. After listening and learning about your project, we help you efficiently navigate the planning and building process so you can reach your goals and get the most value from your property.


Our firm philosophy centers on finding the appropriate solution for your business opportunity. This includes determining the proper scope and testing for potential issues and hurdles you may not have anticipated. With the emphasis on quality design and constructability, we’ll create a comprehensive, supportable, and sustainable solution for your project’s unique circumstances.



During phase one, we prove whether your project is worth pursuing. This helps you make a fully informed decision before you invest any more money in the opportunity. This includes technical background analysis and a condensed design exploration study, giving you an early, high-level look at what your vision would look like while covering cost, schedule, risk, and viability. Conducting a thorough phase one gives you greater confidence in the strategy we develop together. It also helps us reach a basic services agreement faster, so we can get you to a completed project sooner.


Phase two covers risk management and outlines a billing plan for consulting services that’s on your terms. Our unique approach includes an agreement in which subconsultants won’t bill you for services until you’re ready to proceed to the next project phase. This gives you greater control over your project and your cash flow, while better protecting your interests.


The Graves team visit construction sites regularly to monitor progress as well as work through minor issues with the contractor. We consider this is an invaluable part of our practice in terms of both quality assurance and our continued development as designers. These tasks along with many others, while not readily apparent, are done by architects during the construction phases to ensure the success of a project.