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It’s your building. 

We’re here to help you make it happen.

Our architects, designers, and planners specialize in interpreting your vision. After listening and learning about your project, we help you efficiently navigate the planning and building process so you can reach your goals and get the most value from your property.


Our firm philosophy centers on finding the appropriate solution for your business opportunity. This includes determining the proper scope and testing for potential issues and hurdles you may not have anticipated. With the emphasis on quality design and constructability, we’ll create a comprehensive, supportable, and sustainable solution for your project’s unique circumstances.

    The protection of your interests is our top priority. Developed and refined over 25 years of working with progressive private development and public joint ventures, our unique service delivery approach balances design elements and technical components to give you the best return on investment. By joining architecture and design with business and community, we transform insights into practical plans that give greater shape, meaning, and context to your vision.
    Our dedication to design, functionality, and seamless delivery extends to your project’s interiors. From conceptual design and schematics to space planning, furniture, art procurement and installation, and other finishing details, our Interiors team brings the best version of your project to life. With emphasis on local, sustainable, and biophilic design solutions, we create spaces that enhance your team’s work life, support your brand identity, and deliver lasting quality and performance.
    Our Group 1 feasibility services include viability, property use analysis, and highest and best use evaluation. These services are tailored to objectively vet your project’s potential, provide initial illustrations that capture the project vision, set a project budget and timeline, and identify risks. Our goal is to pinpoint profitability issues before you invest time and money in design, permitting, and construction costs. Once we outline a project’s benefits and potential value, we create the most appropriate plan for your project and your stakeholders.
    Design, permitting, and construction administration are included in our Group 2 services. These services are only available after we’ve conducted a thorough feasibility review of your project and ownership has decided to move forward. At this point, we begin involving the architect and builder at every stage of the creative process to ensure clarity, communication, and efficiency. By combining a design studio and a construction management team under one roof, we can offer a range of services unavailable at most other conventional architecture firms.
    Our team build approach and deep experience with all phases of development informs our project management. We begin each project with risk analysis and feasibility studies to help ensure it’s sound and its potential is quantified. All potential issues and project killers are identified before moving into design. Then, we tailor a process that includes all parties, and develop meeting protocols that keep everyone involved and informed at every step. This establishes accountability, keeps your development on track, and allows us to provide accurate real-time updates and cost projections throughout the project.
    Efficiency requires strong coordination. That’s why our tracking methods mirror those used by the general contractors we work with, allowing us to stay on top of changes and solve problems faster. Graves + Associates bridges the design team and those working on site to keep information flowing smoothly so your project is finished on time. Our keen understanding of the entire development process helps us find the straightest line between design and construction, while always keeping your ownership in the loop.
    Working with our experienced procurement and installation team saves you time and money. Our interiors experts can help you find the ideal wall solutions, furniture, art, equipment, plants, storage, accessories, and accessibility needs for your space. This includes giving you access to trade resources and tailored products only available to building professionals. These services include overseeing all onsite details and coordinating your installation for continuity and efficiency.
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