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  • Makaila Ratliff

Design Tips for a Small Living Room

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Written by Makaila Ratliff | October 21, 2022

Having a small space doesn’t mean you are limited on the amount of décor, if you choose the right pieces. Most importantly, you should select furniture and other furnishings that you are comfortable with.


The most important factor to keep in mind is picking furniture that is the best size for your space, that way there is no overcrowding. To maximize your space, you can add a loveseat or sofa that is proportional to the living area.

Also, consider furniture that has extra storage. For instance, a ladder shelf is a great addition while providing room for more décor. This also applies to small coffee tables with extra storage compartments. One might also want to consider furniture that sits a bit lower to create a visually larger space. Another way to make your space feel bigger is to add “unexpected seating” such as a window seat. This works especially well with narrow living rooms. Or perhaps, one can choose circular furniture over rectangular as it will take up less space. One thing you want to avoid while setting your furniture is setting it too close to the wall. Placing your furniture away from the wall will give off the illusion that there is more space in the room.


Choosing the right color for your space is equally as important. White will create a sense of light, clean, and airiness. Monochromatic color schemes are also great for small areas as the different tones of color create the illusion that your furniture is taking up less space. Mirrors are another great piece to enhance the perception of added space.


Use lighting that can be attached to a wall or hooked up above the floor to maximize your space. Natural light is another great way to enhance the space in a room. Select curtains that are going to allow the light to shine through. A ceiling light fixture is another fun way to add more light and interest to your room.

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