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Graves + Associates Gives Back

Tacoma, Wa | April 3, 2020

On April 22 we mark the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, a day when people all over the world collectively celebrate the environment and acknowledge the impact our actions have on our earth as a whole. In the past, this has been a day of civic action and group participation. In the wake of COVID-19, the Earth Day celebrated later this month will look a lot different than the previous 50 years. Graves + Associates (G+A) has decided to do their part to make this Earth Day as impactful as those of the past, albeit slightly different.

Due to the amount of resources it takes to produce any type of gadget, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that electronics have a huge impact on our environment. On April 3, G+A will begin collecting donations of old electronics, or gadgets, no longer used and will send it to an organization called Eco-Cell ( to responsibly recycle or reuse. (You may also recognize their name from their cell phone recycling kiosks stationed throughout our nation’s zoos.)

Eco-Cell does amazing work through their recycling and reuse program, and some of the funds they acquire through up-using gadgets is donated back into programs that protect the very habitats of animals destroyed by the creation of gadgets. The Founder of Eco-Cell, Eric Ronay, further explains: “There are also many toxins found in gadgets. Land-filling gadgets pollutes groundwater with lead, magnesium, arsenic and antimony among others. The effects of exposure to these elements range from kidney damage and cancer to Alzheimer's disease.” Graves + Associates is calling on your to do your part to protect our local environment for future generations.

There’s a lot of us right now using our Shelter-in-Place days to clean out closets and drawers. Consider using this time to find unwanted Cell phones, Smartphones, ipods, ipads, tablets, adapters, chargers, Apple Watches, MP3 players, handheld gaming systems (and the accessories that come with them) and donate those items to this remarkable cause and do you part to protect our planet.

Shoot us an email at and we’ll coordinate pick up, drop off or old fashioned snail-mail to pick up these gadgets. Any funds raised through this recycling program will go to local non-profit, Citizens for a Healthy Bay. Our goal is to have either 50 business or clients donate by Earth Day on April 22. Can you join in our Earth Day mission?

Graves + Associates

About Graves + Associates

Graves + Associates was founded in 1995 as Graves & Benjamin Architects, and now employs a team of more than 20 architects, designers and planners. Two high-profile, local clients helped launch this firm: Annie Wright Schools and Milgard Manufacturing. Graves + Associates provides conventional architectural services, project viability services, sustainability leadership, interior design services, graphics and marketing, and construction management services. They are best known for their diverse project-type experience and their dedication to putting the client’s needs first.

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