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Design that has Roots

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

When the interior design team at Graves + Associates first met with Tacoma’s TrueBlue to discuss the design of their new office, they knew there would be an opportunity to create a very unique space.

TrueBlue acquired the 10th floor of their downtown building, originally built by Weyerhaeuser in 1910 and later remodeled in 1954 in a mid-century modern style.

G+A was tasked with designing a space that not only preserved these modern elements while updating the finishes, but also had to emphasize the company’s pride in their Pacific Northwest location by incorporating a true PNW feel.

The results are astounding. Natural wood wall treatments were used throughout the space to pay homage to both the PNW and the mid-century style. For example, the boardroom space is large in scale with sweeping views of the iconic Murray-Morgan Bridge and Mount Rainier, G+A wanted to bring a rich formal look to this space with a multi-dimensional wall built from walnut wood creating a striking contrast to the sweeping views.

Shannon Lynn, Director of Interior Design at Graves + Associates, worked with Birdloft, another local Tacoma firm, to design timeless, live edge furniture pieces that were sourced and built locally in Tacoma, with a true PNW feel. The reception table can be traced back to a Puget Sound cypress tree and was designed to have a true sculptural impact upon entering the TrueBlue reception area.

Throughout the office are shared spaces offering bright light and views. Signage and artwork needed to fit within the design of the space. Lynn oversaw artwork procurement by local artists to create really unique installations for the space, but to further enhance level of pride that TrueBlue has for the Tacoma area. Working closely with TrueBlue’s marketing team, she was also able to incorporate branded signage that met the overall design requirements. Walnut wood slabs were used to match the walnut wood wall treatments and furniture, while iron and metal were used for TrueBlue logos, tag lines, and company values. The use of wood and iron throughout references the industrial roots of Tacoma while also creating an up-to-date and lasting interior design.

To incorporate modern elements into a mid-century design, G+A utilized trendy technological solutions such as an “iTable”, current and durable flooring selections for high performance and easy maintenance, UV window shades, and interior storefront systems replacing opaque walls to maximize light throughout the space and to ensure a contemporary feel.

The interior design upgrades pay homage to TrueBlue’s Tacoma roots while diving headfirst into the 21st century with modern design elements, resulting in a truly unique space.

Shannon Lynn is the Director of Interior Design at Graves + Associates. More of the G+A teams design work can be viewed at or on Instagram at

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